Estate, Trusts and Probate

Many options are available to plan your estate such as wills, trusts, beneficiary designations and titling of assets.  Estate planning plans for the future of your loved ones and gives you peace of mind.

Planning your estate protects your beneficiaries and the ones you love most, helps you determine the distribution of your property and address your family's particular needs and goals.

Your estate plan will not only transfer your resources to your loved ones after your death but will accomplish it in a way that provides protection of your assets and your family members.

Our firm will make sure that your wishes are fulfilled and you can rest assured that your affairs will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Young couples with children may need an estate plan not only to provide for the distribution of their property but more importantly to name a guardian for their children if something were to happen to both parents.

A middle-aged couple with an accumulation of assets may have different needs for their estate plan.  They may need trusts to minimize estate and inheritance taxes or may want to make gifts or specific bequests to children, grandchildren or a charity.

An older couple may have an additional need to plan for a possible disability.  This can be accomplished with a Living Trust, Will, Powers of Attorney or Conservatorship.  Having the proper plan in place will ease the process of transferring control of your assets to a responsible person to manage for your benefit.

After the death of a loved one, our office can assist you through the probate process and estate administration.  This process can be confusing and time consuming without having an experienced professional to guide you.

Probate, initiation and administration
Representation of beneficiaries in claims against the estate
Contested will and litigation
Trust administration disputes and litigation

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